The semifluid projector (nicknamed "the Party Gun Mk2") is an improvised weapon built by Sarah Skamrev, using parts from several damaged weapons. Initially built as an incendiary weapon, it proved able to employ a variety of semifluid substances, with varying combat applications. Only one projector was built, but detailed plans for the weapon can be obtained.

Ammunition types

The projector can fire any suitable semifluid substance, although power consumption varies between 5 to 25 shots per cell depending on ammunition type.

  • Hotburn napalm: a particularly adhesive form of napalm infused with white phosphorous, capable of burning through armor.
  • "Party goo": a sticky solution of contact hallucinogens, intended to confuse and disorient enemies.
  • Biokiller: an adhesive and particularly destructive form of piranha solution.
  • Chlorine trifluoride: a highly volatile substance, capable of burning through virtually anything. Reacts explosively with water, and the majority of other fire suppression substances are similarly hazardous, or at the very least ineffective.

Out-of-character notes

The semifluid projector was inspired by the Napalm Gun from Deux Ex's "The Nameless Mod", and the Unreal series' GES Biorifle.