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Sheha'Foss, posting with the username ScatteredAmbition, is a young quarian currently living on the Liveship Maagro, which migrates between turian colonies. He is optimistic and a little naïve, choosing to ignore a lot of the more unsavory people he comes into contact with. For the decent people however, he is quick to make friends and is very amiable to be around and uses a lot of sarcasm.

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Username: ScatteredAmbition
Species: Quarian
Age: 20
Date of Birth: November 11th (approx.) 2170
Occupation: Botanist, agricultural scientist
Location: The Maagro
Marital Status: Single
Eye color: Light blue
Height: 5'7"
Build: tall and scrawny


Sheha is very scrawny due to his forgetting to eat occasionally, and is on the taller side of the quarian spectrum. He wears a grey suit with blue and green plating, orange straps, and a blue visor, as well as his orange scale-patterned scarf and hood.

He has pale pink skin with darker red markings and reflective blue eyes, with black hair that is a mess mostly on purpose. His smile is very crooked.


Born and raised on the Maagro, Sheha grew up tending and harvesting crops to help supply the Fleet with food. His birth parents were both part of the marines, and thus were never around so he was raised by another quarian family who he considers himself more a part of than his actual family.

Being around the plants and crops his whole life, he's taken interest in studying how to make the crop yield on the ships even more successful. He's ran a few experiments on small house plants he owns, to varying degrees of success. Other than the plants from his first experiment stages, he can now successfully grow any kind of plant without fear of it dying.

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Excited but very nervous about a pilgrimage, and relieved that the ship could be less crowded due to the newly claimed homeworld, Sheha decided that crowded areas were no longer a thing he ever wanted to be a part of again. he's planning his pilgrimage to a small, mostly abandoned, garden world near the Hades Gamma. Still going through the preparations to leave on the pilgrimage, he's scared but is anticipating the best.


  • Caro'Vaesa nar Maagro - Sheha's best friend and adopted older sister. She's almost always with Sheha, and is very protective of the younger quarian. She's in the same pilgrimage group as he is.
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  • He considers himself good at designing clothing and made most of his suit accessories by hand.
  • Despite constantly stating how cute he is, his self esteem is awful.
  • He names all of his house plants.
  • He has a thing for handosme dark colored turians and pretty redheaded humans.