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An elcor from the upper equatorial band of Dekuuna (specifically the Wennalam Grasslands), originally from a somewhat provincial community practicing the old religion known as Ghorsuulan. Xuumo-kalashasi takes this belief system seriously, and his devotion to its traditions stands in contrast to his shady background.

Xuumo worked for the Courts of Dekuuna, overseeing transport and care of native Dekuunan artefacts during tours of wider Citadel Space by elcor diplomats and celebrities. In particular, he worked for the Venerable Ralinbathanon during her anniversary tour of C-Space, being responsible for overseeing the impressive Ralinbathanon Collection. Not many details about this time have yet been revealed, but it is known that he and a small group of colleagues ended up closely involved with their human counterparts on a highly productive money-making scheme. His closest associate was Pietro Cutri, essentially his direct counterpart in the Systems Alliance delegation. During the evacuation of Dekuuna in the desperate days of the Reaper War, Xuumo ended up on the Citadel, stranded with a fair number of other civil servants and minor functionaries. Most returned home once the relays reopened -- strangely, Xuumo did not, despite his obvious discomfort. It transpired that he was dedicated to tracking down Pietro's son, Alonso, now a homeless refugee, following through on his relationship with the human. He aimed to eventually return to Dekuuna in triumph when his business with Alonso was successfully concluded.

Xuumo-kalashasi is proud; perhaps too proud for his own good. While he often bemoans the haste and rushed judgement of the bipedal races, he is in fact rather impatient for an elcor, or perhaps more likely to lose his cool. He also tends to underestimate non-elcor, having become somewhat accustomed to being unreadable. Simultaneously, he struggles with his enforced isolation from others of his kind, as elcor are psychologically suited to living in close-knit herds.

One might say that Xuumo is neither as clever nor as heartless as he tends to assume himself to be. A patriot, he is selfish yet dedicated to the elcor people as a whole, a somewhat paradoxical state that makes him both highly unusual for one of his race, yet also often a voice of traditional elcor sentiments.

He is a founding member of the social club, business association, and/or private moaning circle known, ridiculously, as The Council. He is also now a logistics officer at the Elcor Diplomatic Compound on Nasurn, his "reward" for recovering artifacts he more or less helped steal in the first place. There, he seems to have found allies in his selfish yet patriotic desire to see the elcor rise -- and make himself rich in the process.


A guilty pleasure is the music of Fixtwo.

"Defensive: She is considered derivative and simplistic by many, but I perceive a slyness, a subtlety, to many of her works that lead me to suspect she is making a deliberate point. Firmly: And she is not as straightforward as it may seem; her later works are, I firmly believe, often crafted as answers to her critics, and clever ones at that.

Measured tone: I accept that I am in a minority here. Hence why I still consider it a guilty pleasure.''

Xuumo's human contacts on CDN include Diplomatic Immunity (Albert Lowell), Jacob Angelaus, and J proctor (Janice Proctor); he also has a working relationship with the batarian Ferem Baccath, and a professional friendship with the asari diplomat, Arina Caenis.

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