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Suria ni Luja was an asari escort, and former commando.

Suria was born in the rural northlands near Dassus, on Thessia, and was trained with Dassus's huntresses. She excelled in independent operation, even more than most huntresses, and earned some modest renown for being able to undertake challenging, strategically complex missions solely by improvising with whatever materials and opportunities were to hand. Due to her gifts she was often assigned infiltration missions, spending months posing as a mercenary, pirate, or slaver in order to gather intelligence and undermine hostile operations. In several cases, her undercover deployments lasted years, during which she rose from new recruit to positions of considerable authority in criminal syndicates and terrorist oganisations, before helping destroy them.

After over a century of service, Suria began to tire of the life of a commando. After a period of travelling she settled on Illium, and eventually made a career as an escort and performer. Her specialty, aptly enough, was taking the role of a fantasy commando, a popular attraction especially among non-asari clients; she found the role a way to remain connected to the aspects of her former life she admired, while remaining safely distant from the harsh realities she had eventually elected to move away from. For several years prior to the Reaper War, she worked at the Dusk Oasis Escort Agency, where she gained some fame for her stage shows, performed with her "commando squad," a troupe of fellow escorts and dancers.

When the Reapers invaded Illium, Suria enlisted with Nos Varda's defence forces. Given her prior experience, the Defence Directorate immediately assigned her command of one of its huntress cadres, and for several months she and her squad conducted high-risk scouting and ambush missions that did much to disrupt Reaper ground offensives originating from occupied Nos Astra. Suria was eventually killed in action when her squad came under heavy attack in the no-man's-land between the two cities; the remainder of her squad staged a successful counterattack, retrieving her body (along with that of another of their own killed in the same attack) and returning to Nos Varda.