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For canon information, see the Mass Effect Wiki page for the Terminus Systems.


The Terminus Systems are a region of space beyond the Attican Traverse; a collection of independent states, corporate fiefdoms and pirate domains that refuse the authority of the Citadel and its conventions. This lack of unifying authority has its downside, as it subjects the powers in the Terminus to frequent struggles, both overt and covert, with disruptive effects to lives and commerce. However, it is expected that any Citadel intervention into the region could unify it in opposition, leading to a costly war. While previously a yearly occurrence, Traverse-bound raiding and invasion fleets have weakened thanks to economic-based reconciliation between "T-space" and "C-space", as they are often known.

Due to the now-defunct Batarian Hegemony's policies of exiling criminals and dissidents to the Terminus, and later fostering anti-Citadel sentiment there, Khar'Shan's dialects have become a "lingua franca" in the region. Besides the batarians, humansturianssalarianselcorasari, and volus each have a sizable colonial presence there. Species homeworlds like Rannoch and Heshtok are also located in the Terminus.

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