Duration: 1940-1947

Combatants: Independent Tangeal colonies, Joseo, Velka, Migrant Fleet and Yuke

After an unprecedented near-century of peace in the Tangeal Expanse, the Third Tangealian War broke out in 1940. Its primary cause was the Yukes' colonial ambitions. The federation was beginning to suffer from overpopulation, and needed more space for their new colonists. The independent worlds around Relay Point - Geert, Tranquility and New Thessia - were chosen as targets for ruthless expansion of the krogan federation.

Horrified by this atrocity, Joseo and Velka intervened on behalf of independent colonies. Joseo pitted their forces against Tranquility's occupation task force and managed to liberate it, only to rename it Stormpit and annex it into their federation. Velkans liberated New Thessia and chose to respect its pre-war status as independent world.

The Migrant Fleet, only a few decades old, also intervened in the conflict. A few captains elected to assist liberation of the Geert colony, which hosted a quarian minority whose settlement preceded the geth rebellion. Yuke krogans punished the act by massacring all quarians on the world.

The war came to an end in 1947, after Tranquility's and New Thessia's liberations. The Federation of Yuke retained now-deserted Geert after the peace accords, courtesy of having nearly killed every colonist in there through starvation, exposure or direct violence.


Peregrinus Worag fought in this war (for Velka)