Thomas Carmichael

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Captain of the Alliance heavy cruiser SSV Indianapolis, Thomas Carmichael (also known as Polaron), a native of Earth and a survivor of the Battle of the Citadel. Unfortunately, his time spent on the edges of human space fighting slavers and pirates, combined with seeing Sovereign cut a sizeable hole in the human fleet, made him somewhat jaded and bitter.

While he was fully supportive of the Council and humanity’s place in it, he still seemed to enjoy needling the turians.


During one meeting of CDN members on the Citadel, Carmichael came charging through with his weapon out and a squad of C-SEC officers along for the ride, shouting about finding a potted plant before it was too late. On another occasion, he followed this up by running through another meeting holding a Russian nesting doll and yelling about needing to find an airlock.

Threads of Note

Changes: A promotion to captain.

Who Goes There?: Polaron is an important part of this arc, including using his ship to contain an infestation at White Waters.

The Journalist and the Captain: In the aftermath of White Waters, Muckracker (Helena Mathioudakis) interviews Polaron.

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