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A planet of the Turian Hierarchy, a relatively small but important settlement.

Thracia is known for its mountainous terrain and the dry and sardonic humour of its people. Turians from Thracia sport an unusual tattoo design, consisting of concentric rings, coloured yellow and black.

Kopis CC is the most famous of the local Clawball teams.


If there was a single incident that could be said to have sparked the turian Unification Wars, it would be the tensions between the nations of Thracia and Tridend. Tridend courted other nations like Carthaan in order to counter the influence of Thracia, hoping to build a military coalition that would topple that dominant power. When the Thracians sent a fleet to “show the flag” over Tridend, hoping to intimidate the upstart, Tridend launched a surprise attack that wiped out the Thracian fleet in orbit (with the aid of its allies, who finally responded). This was seen as an act of war not only by Thracia, but also by the Nimines Colony and Bostra Outpost, both of which depended on Thracia for supplies. Open conflict resulted.