A quarian, known for his militant anti-geth stance.

Born "nar Dilinaga" (the salvaged asari ship was named after the famous matriarch), he lived much like any other quarian in the Flotilla. He wanted to see what the rest of the galaxy had to offer, and looked forward to his Pilgrimage. Looking back, he would later note that he was seeing things a bit too idealistically.

Tomaz describes his Pilgrimage as "better than some, worse than others". He was able to secure a position on a few commercial transports, allowing him to float from place to place. At the time of the geth attack on the Citadel, he attempted to help out in the rebuilding process, but found the common anti-quarian sentiment to be too much. He moved where the credits were, and tried to stay away from more illegal activities.

After a few years, he returned to the Flotilla, with what could be described as a mini-fleet of well-conditioned remote-operated gunships in tow, securing a position aboard the Radwaf. How he achieved thus is still unknown.


Courtesy of Jeral, "The Secret Thought Life of Tomaz'Schadl"

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