The ship that Naaya and Kyesh built.

The Transcension is a Zephyr-class frigate, built out of scavenged parts and ship material purchased from the enigmatic merchant Ellf, on Omega. Built during a week-and-a-half period by Naaya and Kyesh, the Transcension was intended to be the pair's way off of Omega - an escape hatch that would lead them to the rest of the galaxy and to a new life. Once the two had finalized plans with Inconspicuous Organic and the crew of the Nialla, the Transcension finally took off from Omega.


The Transcension is shielded with ablative armor plating, and this armor is reinforced by a kinetic barrier system installed inside the ship. It has a mass effect drive core installed that lets it make Relay jumps like most other ships, and along the exterior of the ship's armored hull, Kaasa-Naki Diffuse Radiator Arrays (DRA) can be seen, which help to vent excess heat and thus keep the ship stable and safe.

This ship is also equipped with a Jirali-Naats Basic Stealth System, which allows the Transcension, much like other stealth-capable ships, to temporarily sink its heat into the hull. This allows the ship to remain undetected by most ship and non-ship sensors, but only for a limited time, for if the heat is not vented within a specific time limit, everyone on board will be cooked alive.

A rudimentary VI, programmed by Naaya and under the direct control of whoever's flying, helps maintain the delicate balance required when engaging in combat or dealing with excess heat that borders on dangerous. This VI is not capable of doing anything with the ship without the pilot's direct consent, such as pilot the ship into an asteroid field or vent everything into space, as is required by the protocol restrictions imposed upon its creation.

As far as weaponry is concerned, the Transcension is armed with several sets of ion cannons, as well as custom weaponry that Naaya built herself. These turrets located on the outer hull are shielded with kinetic barrier generators, and operate by tapping into the excess heat that is generated throughout the ship's systems. Complicated machinery inside the turrets focuses this heat into a powerful beam, which can be tuned to wreak havoc in combat, piercing ships' defenses and dealing significant damage, depending on how long the turrets have had to charge up their heat emitters.


During the Reaper War, Naaya used the Transcension to conduct emergency rescue and recovery missions, aided by contacts in AEGIS and Titan Corporation, and alongside volunteers Najhil Holken, Kari'Zar nar Tasi, and Nelras Tal'dar.