M-5 Phalanx-1-

M-5 Phalanx

The Trick Shooter is module for the M-5 Phalanx heavy pistol that replaces the laser. It can shoot special ammunition similar to those used in 20th century shotguns.

The Trick Shooter was developed by team of Officer Candidates within the Alliance Tower under the lead of OpChief Jaquento Schmidt and the schematics are released under public license by government law. The Trick Shooter itself has a ME-rail system to fire the ammunition; using it doubles the heat sink expenditure of the ammunition. It is hardened against explosions from within and can compensate for any heat, so it is independent of the heat sink when not using the ME-rails.

The ammunition is the "trick" part of the Trick Shooter. There are four basic shells which can have almost any load-out imaginable. Depending on shell the size of the load-out can vary. If not otherwise mentioned, the shells can optionally be shot by the Trick Shooters ME-rails similar to those used in barrels but the mass of the ammo means it won't accelerate anything to terminal velocity.

Shell types

  • Igniter shell: most basic shell. Uses an electric discharge to ignite its content.
  • Rocket shell: contains a small rocket propulsion system. No homing ability, but can compensate for gravity as long as it has fuel.
  • Signal shell: contains a signal processing unit, for sending and receiving data.
  • Chem shell: uses a chemical propellant. Similar to the igniter shell, offers most space for load-out and can be shot without heat sink.

Example shell/load-out combinations

  • Rocket shell with signal flare: acts as improvised firework.
  • Signal shell with scrambler: scrambles electronics.
  • Igniter shell with magnesium load: blinds optical systems and enemies.
  • Chem shell with smoke load: a small smoke granade.