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Members of the volus species mentioned or featured on CDN.



  • Biz Thwitmort - DDS Quartermaster, inexplicably Scottish
  • Bokel Narr - host, The High Pressure Zone
  • Bol Jala - investment banker with Bank of Illium
  • Bort Vomnin - trade minister, state of Atenasal, Irune


  • Curn Jax - chef


  • Dar Corbo - ship dealer, known for having sensitive equipment, always brand new
  • Darik Zol - eccentric physicist
  • Dim Bool - auctioneer, slaver and legal wizard, based on Omega and with offices on Illium
  • Din Polbo - member of the Blue Band, biotic
  • Dor Oglan - Ph.D. in Musical Studies, teaches at an Irune university
  • Druss Jorkakt - former military servicevol, restless wanderer



  • Fen Casglag - relief worker in Jentudin, Irune
  • Fen Korlack - accountant, formerly of Korlack, Wotmer and Cran. Died in the Fall of Omega, lynched by a group of twenty for access to a shuttle which could only carry three.
  • Fissul Bailun - entrepreneur (see: Mrs. Fizzy's)


  • Gof Arro - of Intelligent Indenture, an up and coming force in the Illium scene, 2195-96


  • Hass Ledoff - medical doctor
  • Hem Mondak - vol-of-fortune, independent ship owner
  • Hie Neum - leader, Blue Band security
  • Hilf Gal - proprietor of Cilg Accounting, Nos Astra
  • Irta Coll - assistant to the volus ambassador, Citadel (pre-Reapers)


  • Kaknah Tar - CEO of Medical-Clan Enterprises
  • Kalar Ult - porn dealer formally of Omega (friend of Viros Fenon)
  • Kip Anyew - former lecturer in life sciences, University of Ben Vem Evess
  • Kom Surlacc - medical doctor, worked on a documentary about the "H20 Fad"
  • Koromono Jol - real estate investor, known to be active in Lorek, Illium and Boro
  • Kuat Nom - Citadel businessvol


  • Macul Atum - chemist, criminal
  • Mic Cana - actor; once took the part of Ebenezer Scrooge, to acclaim
  • Mor Ortlo - horror writer
  • Mor - of SSSWM Law


  • Nat Tezolin - adopted parent of Druss Jorkakt, Tribe Ovof of Clan Baran, which was dissolved into Clan Hotool post-Reaper War
  • Nen Burtan - medical doctor, Felis General Hospital (see: Cirilek's Skindiver)
  • Niftu Din - representative of Din & Lig Corporate Law, Illium
  • Nol Borit - merchant
  • Nor Farri - writer for Volus Financial Biannual
  • Nym Ferenj - member of the Blue Band


  • Olan Sed - victor of the annual N7: Code of Honor: Medal of Duty tournament.
  • Opo Kilal - minor financier with First Protection bank, Irune; parent of Mor Ortlo
  • Ora Thubb - inventor, murder victim
  • Orfo Haftin - investment banker on the Citadel, caught up in the Cerberus coup
  • Ort Klirr - member of the Blue Band



  • Rom Anbel - "one classy bloke", criminal
  • Rupe Elkoss - CEO, Elkoss Combine




  • Vaklis Meto - minor financier with First Protection bank, Irune; parent of Mor Ortlo
  • Val Normo - representative of the First Bank of Irune; according to Job Larson, an obvious member of the Volanti.
  • Varla Eston - CFO of Neva Transportation, Illium
  • Vasa Bor - author, best known for The Economics of the Soul, which breaks down the intangible into cold mathematics
  • Vath Darder - Efficiency motivator, Trask Interstellar
  • Ver Kohen - biotic instructor
  • Vir Atne - "Number Twenty-One", prominent member of the Vol-Daukar
  • Vodor Bott - runs Bott n Sold, a pawn shop on Illium
  • Vol Vad - accomplice of fraudulent researcher Viar Ekatuma
  • VoluSophistication - crazy old man
  • Vor Malu - geological administrator at Pickal Topographics, Noveria; found AzuMold colony


  • Xela Enosj - notoriously unhinged talk show host



  • Zig Faol - actor, known as Kib Krelich in the blockbuster stocktrading-thriller Bank Clans


  • Bibbo the Volus Mercenary
  • Toro Ton - corrupt financier, villain in the Infiltrator films
  • Val Oham - investigator, poet