A male krogan, who posts on CDN as Hot Crimson Crest.

The inspiration and brains behind the "Vuk!?" brand and the Vukstravaganza!.

"Confused curiosity: I have seen this advert several times before. Enlighten me to what it is he is advertising."

-- Malxoltin Hamno (the answer, of course, was Vuk himself)

Threads of Note

What Would You Do If We Met?: It turns out Kron has already met him. And he's not dead as assumed.

Time To Throw The Hammer Down: Vuk has been told he needs to talk with Urdnot Branka.

Varren Down! Varren Down!: Leaving Vuk to pet-sit is a bad idea. Medical emergency.

Knock, Knock: Vuk joins Kron, Turak and Dwick on a rescue mission to Omega. Will they find Lydia?

Our Brand Is Hot: Vuk is now a brand.

A Video Introduction: Announcing... Vukstravaganza!

The Stream: What CDN in general sees of the event.

The Event: What those actually in Nos Astra experience.

Birthday: Turak wishes Vuk a happy birthday.

My Research Continues: Branka wants to know, who among the board's male krogan population is the most attractive? Vuk has a lot to say.

Sup, Babes?: After several years away, Vuk returns in exuberant triumph to CDN. Who will fill him in on what's been happening?

Control yourselves, ladies. (Art by Armax_Hammer)
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