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"This one was presented with a choice, as were all beings who survived the great storm of the Reapers. These ones could flounder in the swell, lost and confused, or else move with purpose toward truth and enkindlement by embracing the pursuit of insight and understanding. This one has been exposed to the truth that immersion in the Many Voices reveals ever more sophisticated arguments for these one's place in the cosmos, and that it is through comparison and contrast of distinct racial perspectives that these ones achieve full illumination. Thus this one is pleased to commence its study of the galaxy and increase its spiritual awareness!"

Laykalar (soul name: Grace Of The Boundless Current) is a young hanar who doesn't know what he's getting himself into. He posts under "WavesHaveBroken", a reference to his personal take on the post-Reaper galaxy. Unusually outgoing for a hanar and with an outlook of xenophilia, he is dedicated to his peoples' customs, yet interprets them in a manner that conflicts with most hanar's insular outlook.

Gentle and highly curious (about pretty much everything but especially alien spirituality), what would otherwise be a keen young mind is unfortunately cursed with a less-than serviceable attention span, and a hyperactive thought process that is almost salarian. Polite and reserved as the hanar culture demands, Laykalar is nonetheless buzzing with general excitement at seeing the galaxy, and pretty much lacks what others would term "common sense". He's gotten a bit better recently, but it's all relative where he's concerned.

As a very young hanar, Laykalar became interested in the "big picture", through a combination of genuine intelligence and flighty imagination. While other hanar dutifully applied themselves to the customs and structures of their local sects (and, maybe, to the Primacy as a whole), Laykalar looked to the stars. This isn't to say he had no interest in his native culture - quite the contrary, as a young being eager for knowledge he took its teachings to heart; indeed, he looked to interaction with other species as the finest and truest realization of the hanar religion. Being of no particular family, in a backwater region of Kahje, he actually rarely met non-hanar - in fact, upon leaving Kahje he'd met a grand total of three, all drell. But in his youthful exuberance he fancied himself a citizen of the galaxy. Barely out of First Schooling when the Reaper War brought chaos and destruction to the galaxy, his beliefs were strengthened by news of the coalition being formed to combat the threat. Losing family in the siege of Kahje, when the Banks of the Zaythanal Formation were destroyed, he drifted into a community of minor scholars helping provide for the displaced and needy, and came though the war with near-fanatical devotion to his oversimplified interpretation of the basic Enkindler faith.

Some of his new scholar friends had experience in the wider galaxy, and Laykalar attached himself to them as a self-appointed acolyte, eager to apply his youthful beliefs and prove that understanding is to be found in the words and voices of diverse species. As the relays reopened, he happily left Kahje aboard the pilgrim vessel Greater Encompassing, part of a group aiming to bring the words of the Many Voices to the hanar people, having experienced them firsthand. First planned stop, once relay traffic allowed it: the Sol System, and the Citadel.

With the apocalypse behind him, Laykalar finds cheerful validation for his xenophilia in the simple truth that after the smashing waves have passed the environment is altered, the old ways swept away. He insists that now is the time for hanar to become a greater part of Citadel Space, by immersing in the "Many Voices".

Citadel Space is probably going to regret this. Basically, Laykalar is now doing the hanar equivalent of running around excitedly, sticking his tentacles into anything new and exciting, without much of a long-term plan. He's doing it in a polite and well-mannered way, naturally, and he can demonstrate considerable intelligence if he calms down for a moment. His inexperience with aliens shows, though. He's living his lifelong dream (despite the fact that he's practically still a child) and is likely to ask questions about cross-cultural translation and alien language/philosophy that would be intelligent if they were just a bit closer to some sort of coherent understanding of how aliens actually work.

Since arriving on the Citadel, Laykalar has found employment with the charity "Leaving the Ducts" (having befriended its founder Michelle Rondor and employee Julian Snow at a party). He gets to be a part-time teacher to the Duct Rats the charity is helping, and a general administrator. Again, he has no idea what he's getting in to, but his sheer enthusiasm means that it's going surprisingly well. He's since branched out into roles representing the charity and its general field on the Citadel and even Omega.

He's also left the pilgrim vessel Greater Encompassing to live in his own independent apartment aboard the Citadel, and has gained some measure of perspective, though his bubbly enthusiasm and rosy worldview are still very much in evidence.

As the rest of the initial Leaving the Ducts team have moved on, Laykalar has been entrusted more and more with running their office on Tayseri Ward.

His other contacts include Kayana Pesh, Sarah Thompson, Quylid the self-styled "humble hanar", the zealot Sounds From the Flooded Hollows (whom he's named "Justicar" due to her embarrassing habit of using her soul name in public), Hie Neum the replacement for the departed (and greatly missed) Julian Snow, and Taleeze.


  • Among his favourite pieces of literature is Syacindil's "Broken Fragments of the Coral Shelf with the Passing of the Fifty-Year Tempest", which served to partly inform, partly justify, his current philosophical angle on the galaxy.
  • He also likes "The Little Dancing Nokatok Provokes Most Inelegant Loss Of Face Among The Selfish Harvesters", but that's because he read it as a polyp. A plastic-and-shell Nokatok doll is his only remaining link to the place of his birth, and is a treasured personal totem.
  • His religious views, as of three years post-war, can be summarised thus: "This one has found the isolationist perspective of many of its fellows increasingly confusing. These ones are Touched by those who embody the virtues of generosity and unity, as the Enkindlers took it upon themselves to encourage the emergence of the Word within these ones. Not all beings come by such gifts in this manner, but all are united by their capacity to reveal truth in its myriad channels through their use of speech. As such, all who speak of their personal arguments for the position of the self within the cosmos are employing and demonstrating the inherent worth of language. This one has long considered that the truest form of devotion comes from these ones sharing in the myriad conversations and dialogues of the galaxy's many reefs, and that through the intersection of differing currents, new and informative swells are generated, buoying these ones' comprehension of the capacities and virtues gifted these ones by the Enkindlers. This one has found that religion and philosophy (including the absence of religion) are universally accessible through the medium of the Word, and as such the nature of one's beliefs are secondary to the discourse in which they may be joined."
  • About his parents, he had this to say: "It finds it cannot truly discuss its male parent separately from its female parent, for the two formed a unit in this one's mind. It believes its parents were quietly disappointed in this one's own manner. They would have preferred that this one reproduce their own aquacultural interests, rather than focus on more distant concerns as it did. This one was at times troubling to them, it believes. It was considered... flighty. That is of little matter, though. It parents remained supportive and loving toward this one at all times, and it thinks well of them. In time, it may have come to be more sensitive to their needs. Its parents were lost during the Great Storm. It admits to missing them".
  • Regarding his eventual death, these are his thoughts.

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