The SKR-532 G is a battle rifle manufactured by now-defunct Batarian State Arms. It is characterized as a hard-hitting weapon with moderate recoil and rate of fire, with a capacity of about 30 shots with one heat sink of today's standards.

It compared favorably with similar assault rifles, with selective fire modes (single shot, three-round burst, and fully automatic) and a series of smartlinked tactical rail mounts. StateSec agents outside the Batarian Hegemony were known to use SKR-532s, with at least one example having been looted following the agent's death.

Modulator_Demodulator's custom

The asari mercenary was known to carry a customized variant of the batarian battle rifle, that was enhanced with Geth-derived technology by mercenary and gunsmith BlackDragoon. Features of the custom variant included longer barrel for better shot groupings, under-barrel grenade launcher, increased projectile velocity, enhanced heat dispersal, bayonet and overcharge capacitator for high impact shots.