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That isn't supposed to happen.

A settlement on Presley VII in the Vegas Cluster, a small levo farming community, destroyed as part of the effort to contain the QOROQ infestation.

Presley VII is largely an ocean world -- 90% sea water, 10% land mass -- used for farming algae.

The main colony itself was located next to the ocean, which made it easier to process the algae. The majority of the colony’s population was centred here, with a few outliers in other areas, meaning the settlement held anywhere between 6,500 and 7,000 colonists at one time.

Members of CDN, investigating the conspiracy behind the Galactic Wellness Organisation, managed to pick up a trail -- they’d seen numerous mention of White Waters in the files of the compromised GWO. The colony itself, though, had gone silent -- while still sending out its product. This was obviously suspicious. The parasites used in the conspiracy had to be bred somewhere, and large vats of alleged algae seemed like as good a place as any. A CDN team therefore posed as members of the NutriHolistic Corporation, there to investigate the recent silence in the colony and how it affected their “product”, really to figure out what, if any, connection the colony had to the GWO.

There, the team had a confrontation with the QOROQ entity, which was contained when Thomas Carmichael fired on the settlement from his cruiser in orbit.