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Mor Ortlo's paranoia turns out to be justified

This article is written from an out-of-character viewpoint.

Who Goes There? was a conspiracy investigation storyline, organised primarily by The_Sarcastic_Salarian and CUTE YOUNG FELINE MAMMAL. One of CDN's most ambitious and wide-ranging planned storylines, WGT ran between December 2010 and July 2011, and was centred on an investigation of a shadowy alien influence making inroads into Citadel space. It was followed by Who Goes There 2.

ESpiza compiled the master reference list for WGT, presented in this CDN thread.


The following characters were involved in the primary threads of WGT; in alphabetical order:

Since portions of WGT's storyline concerned public events, a number of other characters were involved in the storyline without being part of the investigation.


Foreshadowing, a murder, the dead man's switch, and the autopsy.

Chapter One

The retrieval of the disc, the GWO is introduced, the forum is invited to a blood drive, and characters behave oddly.

Chapter Two

Data is recovered, a code toad and a drell vanish, and Lokkor is excited.

Chapter Three

Chapter three includes the GWO massacre, which spread across multiple threads. It is recommended to read the main Who Goes There (chapter 3) thread to the point where SuggestedReading declares intermission, then reading the three related threads listed beneath it here, before returning to the main thread, and then continuing through the other threads.

Chapter Four

The assault of White Waters.

Chapter Five

The assault on a Businessman's Headquarters

Chapter Six

The showdown at Yomi.



A soundtrack was created and compiled for WGT by CUTE YOUNG FELINE MAMMAL, detailed in this CDN thread.