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A deity from a popular volus religion.

Zada Ban is a god of wrath and punishment. He killed countless of his original clan in anger and was then exiled by his fellow gods to roam the endless night sky for a period equivalent to six hundred and forty-eight years (likely more rounded in volus years), leaving him to scatter glow-lamps as he rested each night, filling the great black void above Irune with a wealth of light, trading much of it in hopes of returning to his proper realm and regaining his role among the gods. He also had a habit of taking the stars that wandering trade caravans would guide with, bringing the shade of night.

According to Druss Jorkakt:

Nobody really worships him ever and his realm was fine or at least not entirely a legal mess without him. Point is, Cherk Sab, well... they do not know at all how to run a court. 'Long as you still trade in their spiritual words, then don’t they still make a profit yeah? Though they did get Jak Ser placed in the skies in a later negotiation-thing but that’s a WAAAAY longer tale!

A Tale

One day there was a farmer who owned a paddock of livestock. However, a man came to the farmer’s house and said, “I am hungry. Give me some food”. The farmer didn’t trust the man, and refused. The man then went out into the field and stole an animal. The farmer gave chase, and found that the man had slaughtered and cooked the animal. He was going to demand payment, but Zada Ban, taking the form of a bird, came to the farmer and said, “He stole your property, and killed it! He deserves more than a simple fine!” Enraged, the farmer struck the man so that he died. Zada Ban congratulated him on his actions, and the farmer returned home. However, Las Kohar, god of the sky, was waiting for him. Las Kohar said, “Why did you kill that man?” The farmer replied, “He had stolen my property”. Then Las Kohar rebuked him, saying, “Is a beast’s life worth more than a man’s? That man was not deserving of death for what he had done.” The farmer hung his head in shame and said, “I was enticed by Zada Ban to do so.” Las Kohar answered him, “That may be, but the action was yours alone. Since you were so quick to punish that man, you will be taken to the Court of the Sky, where you will remain for eternity.” To this day, the farmer watches over Irune as the Judge, always seeing the crimes of his fellow men, yet unable to deliver the punishment he wishes he could give.


A planet has been named for Zada Ban. Its crust is rich in uranium, eroded by winds to create large radioactive dust storms across its surface.

Zada Ban Can is a new energy drink marketed on the Citadel to non-volus by volus interests.

The Zada Combine is a volus aircar supplier offering surprisingly good vehicles for non-volus, as well as Irune-appropriate craft like the popular Xilto.