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Zakera Ward is one of the five wards of the Citadel. It is dominated by volus, hanar and elcor populations but the human commercial zone Shin Akiba is also located here.

The closest point on the ward to the Presidium is called Presidium Junction, and the farthest one, now facing Earth, is Zakera Point.

Known locales

  • A Taste of Kendra, a traditional Kendra Ocean asari restaurant.
  • Aphin's Place
  • BlueShift nightclub
  • The Contubernia, on Level 21; a pleasant family establishment specialising in turian camp-style meals, for those missing military life but wanting a bit more variety with it.
  • Courts of the Center
  • Dark Star Lounge
  • Fishdog Food Factory
  • Friendship By Food, a restaurant featuring both levo and dextro chiralties.
  • The Giza Bar, a popular bar run by an elcor named Giza. It's popular among middle class citizens and serves a variety of drinks and snacks from "more than 100 worlds".
  • Hatchet's Grill (krogan bar and restaurant, owned by Jorgal Hatchet)
  • Jal Ma Eight, salarian take-out/delivery restaurant, with a menu including salarian-inspired dishes tailored to other species' palettes.
  • Mikaela's, a Terran restaurant specializing in seafood dishes prepared in the Mediterranean fashion.
  • Mondragon, a Terran/Thessian fusion restaurant known for the quality of its imported Terran ingredients.
  • Rodam Expeditions
  • Shrines of the Enkindlers
  • Tukasi is a krogan restaurant, known for its quality (and spicy) Tlacra-style dishes.
  • Vol-Clan Exchange
  • Zakera Cafe
  • Zakera Muslim Community Center, overseen by Imam Karakurt Yigit.


The foundations of the ward suffered a spike in crime following the Reaper War. Notably, in the early 2190s, Seventh Dawn (a former turian separatist group, now turned outright anarchistic), turned to violence against public property and personnel.

Known Inhabitants

Theodore Grant

Eruiiku Iaculus


Commander's Day: A Shepard-themed celebration shuts down Zakera ward.