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Zaraya T'Neri is a freighter captain based in New Nos Astra. She is the owner and founder of Second Star Shipping (commonly referred to as "Triple-S"), a small but modestly successful company consisting of herself and several asari crew. Her ship, the AML Melinoe, comprises the entirety of the Triple-S fleet. Triple-S mostly operates in Outer Council Space and the Attican Traverse, but Zaraya has been known to take jobs as far out as the Citadel or the Near Terminus.

Zaraya is generally practical and straightforward. Her past has left her a bit bitter and slow to trust, but she will be friendly, if distant, with strangers until they earn her friendship. Like many asari (especially her sister, though she'd never admit it), she tends to be protective, even motherly, to those she cares about. She writes poetry in her spare time, but rarely shares it.


Early Life

Zaraya was born on Thessia in 1649 CE to now-Matriarch Imelia, a professor of language arts at the University of Serrice. Her father, Vinaria Acatus, was a female turian who instilled many of her own values of duty and honor into Zaraya and her older sister, Deena. Vinaria stayed with Imelia until her death in 1702 CE.

Zaraya had a fairly sheltered and peaceful childhood, but always felt she lived in Deena's shadow. As Zaraya's elder by four years (making the sisters practically twins by asari standards), Deena often took upon herself the role of teacher or mentor to Zaraya. Though she knew Deena meant well, Zaraya chafed, longing to make her own way, free of her sister's influence.

When she was around two hundred years old, Zaraya set up shop on Illium as a small arms merchant. Around the same time, much to her family's surprise, Deena joined the asari military and became a commando, serving with a sniper unit. Zaraya remembers this time as "a whole century of peace."

But that peace didn't last long. When Deena left the military after barely a hundred years of service, she started an information brokerage in Nos Astra so she could be near her sister. Zaraya didn't have the heart to tell her how she really felt about this development, so from then until on, she simply endured.

Aselda Ceris

In 2169 CE, Zaraya's merchant vessel was viciously attacked by feared Terminus pirate Aselda Ceris. Her entire crew was slaughtered, and Zaraya herself barely survived. Her ship could not be salvaged, and her entire cargo--a large and valuable shipment of weapons-grade eezo--was stolen. Ceris escaped, and Zaraya's business was ruined.

With nowhere else to turn, Zaraya swallowed her pride and asked Deena for help in recovering her cargo, hoping at least to salvage something from the disaster. Deena eagerly agreed, and as Zaraya recovered from her injuries, Deena tracked down Ceris and hired a gang of mercenaries, led by a batarian named Crozek, to go after her.

Though Deena insisted Zaraya stay home and allow Crozek and his men to take on Ceris themselves, Zaraya snuck away and joined them instead. But though Deena had told her Crozek's orders were to recover the stolen cargo, Zaraya only learned as they raided Ceris's ship that they'd actually been instructed to leave no survivors.

Stunned and betrayed, Zaraya hid until the battle was over. Ceris's crew and the batarians wiped each other out until only Zaraya and Ceris remained.

Ceris took advantage of Zaraya's emotionally compromised state and convinced her to join her pirate gang. Faking her own death, Zaraya worked for Ceris as a pilot and smuggler for four years until Ceris's death in 2174. She then took over Ceris's ship, the AML Melinoe, and founded Second Star Shipping under the name Amarina Cestia. She would not use her birth name again until 2185, after Deena left with the Andromeda Initiative.

Reaper War and Reconstruction

Though she was not much of a fighter, Zaraya contributed to the Reaper War effort by running medical supplies between Sur'Kesh and the Citadel. Her smuggling experience served her well, as she often found herself using those skills to run Cerberus blockades and avoid Reaper patrols. Since the War, she has made a modest living running Triple-S, and occasionally taking freelance jobs on the side.


Asari Republics: Zaraya is a dual citizen of Thessia and Illium, and has built a respectable business.

Second Star Shipping ("Triple-S"): Founder and owner

Special Tasks Group (temporary): Zaraya has been recruited by the STG to team SPEAR, a group of mercenaries tasked with investigating the so-called "Cuckoo Conspiracy."


A Quick Drink: Zaraya meets up with Pontus, a turian she met on CDN, and the two discuss their pasts over drinks and dancing in a moment of mutual honesty and vulnerability.

Supermarket Sweep: Zaraya confronts a fellow customer at the market who is upset and making a scene. Jorgal Dwick does not help.

Let's Be Bad Guys: Zaraya is recruited by the STG into team SPEAR, a collection of fighters and mercenaries tasked with rooting out a neo-Cerberus organization.

We Provide… Leverage: Zaraya and team SPEAR infiltrate a charity gala in an attempt to track down the buyer of an installation made from geth parts.

No Right, No Wrong, No Rules for Me: Team SPEAR raids a research lab on Noveria.

A Tangled Web: Zaraya is contacted by Cael'Shaaris vas Saraka, workign for the Whisper Echo Group, to help steal a ship from an impound lot. Meeting with him, she learns that the bounty hunter she hired to bring him in has also been recruited for the mission.

Opportunity for Research?: One of the periodic mad auctions from Eccentric Esoterica may offer Nara a rare opportunity to acquire a Memorial Sphere.

The Sphere: Zaraya and Nara investigate the newly acquired item.